SDGs Results


SDG 1:終結貧窮 No Poverty

SDG 2:終結飢餓 Zero Hunger

SDG 3:良好健康與福祉 Good Health and Well-Being

SDG 4:優質教育 Quality Education

SDG 5:性別平等 Gender Equality

SDG 6:潔淨水資源與衛生 Clean Water and Sanitation

    SDG 7:人人可負擔的永續能源 Affordable and Clean Energy

    SDG 8:良好工作及經濟成長 Decent Work and Economic Growth

    SDG 9:工業化、創新及基礎建設 Industry, Innovation and Infrastruction

    SDG 10:消弭不平等 Reduced Inequalities

    SDG 11:永續城鄉與社區 Sustainable Cities and Communities

    SDG 12:負責任的生產消費循環 Responsible Consumption and Production

    SDG 13:氣候變遷對策 Climate Action

    SDG 14:海洋生態 Life Below Water

    SDG 15:陸域生態 Life on Land

    SDG 16:公平、正義與和平 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

    SDG 17:全球夥伴關係 Partnership for Goals